A video of Honey Harvest 2013

Thanks for visiting this webpage about our honey, garlic and Shiitake mushrooms.  BeeAttitudes has been in business for over  a decade.  We sell honey by word of mouth, and this website is designed to educate our customers about our locally produced honey, garlic, and shiitakes.  I also sell propolis, pure beeswax, and, if a good harvest is made, pollen as well.

I ALSO REMOVE HONEYBEE SWARMS and colonies ALIVE for relocating them.  For more information CALL (931) 561-5530 or email jason.groppel@cmcss.net with the RE line: SWARM in all caps.

Jason Groppel - Owner and operator: BeeAttitudes Apiary and Produce

For more information about HONEY click on the BEEATTITUDES LINK above.

For more information about SHIITAKES click on the SHIITAKE LINK above.

For more information about GARLIC click on the GARLIC LINK above.

Here’s the link to my page on the PICK TENNESSEE webpage.


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